We don't just sell it.  We live it.  Having not eaten meat since the 80's,  The founder of Nacho Mom's™ not only has walked the walk for decades, but every purchase helps give back still.  A portion of our proceeds not only help fund our own chicken and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary, but we also have helped sponsor emergency animal care and funding since 2010.  Not only that, but we even utilize our  veggie scraps and the batches that don't meet our high standards: by donating them to a local pig sanctuary!

Built By Compassion:

Our History

Nobody knows queso like an Austin, TX chef--and each jar is born here deep in the heart of Texas!

We love to hear from our customers!  Tell us you love us! Tell us how you use your vegan queso! Tell us where you found your jar(s), Make all that queso stirring hard work worthwhile!

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Nacho mom's founder & Nacho Mom's™ Chicken Rescue Clip Seen in Paul McCartney's international Music Video:

"Meat Free Monday"

Watching fellow Super Bowl celebrants dive into a bowl of processed cheese queso years ago, a natural foods chef (who had upgraded her vegetarian diet she'd been living for decades to a full vegan one out of compassion), had her "Aha!" moment.  But it took quite some time to find the perfect replacement that was not just her mom's queso taste...but better.  

You could say Nacho Mom's™ actually originated  in the 70's because the perfection for the base of it actually began from finding a recipe in a super popular plant-based cookbook from that time period that used nutritional yeast, a superfood from deactivated yeast (and safe for those who can't eat activated yeast), as a cheese dip and sauce.  But the making of the vegan cheese was the easy part...perfecting the Texas taste of queso with the perfect blend of spices and veg took far longer, even for this award-winning Austin chef.  

Once finalized, it wasn't the vegans who couldn't get enough--but EVERYONE who tasted it.  It's the one dip that fits every target market: Those who crave the taste of comfort food, those who want healthy food rich in nutrients including B-12, those who are dieting and want a whole jar of what tastes like junk food for only 120 calories and NO fat, those who want a cholesterol-free rich dip, those who want a queso with 1/3 less salt than traditional queso that's high in protein and fiber, those who want an allergen-free food...Rich and taste but also everything else, except the things you don't want...Nacho Mom's™  It's not your mom's queso...it's better.

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