Always All-Natural~Nacho Mom's:
It's Not Your Mom's Queso...It's Better.

-VEGNEWS Magazine:
"This Just In"
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"BEST OF 2011"

                    vegan queso dip

VEGpicks: "Don't get us wrong, we love digging into a heaping helping of chips and salsa, but sometimes we want to mix up our spicy dipping sauce.  That's where Nacho Mom's Vegan Queso comes in.  Zesty and silky with just the right punch of spicy flavor, this fat-free, soy-free queso wowed us the day it arrived at VegNews Magazine Headquarters.  After our supply of homemade tortilla chips had been dipped and devoured, we searched for anything to cover with this incredible queso--from spicing up tacos to making leftover rice into a cheesy meal.  Let's just say that we were more impressed with each new application.  At only 10 calories per serving, we might even eat this dip straight from the jar."

"Bigtime product find, people! An astoundingly tasty and low-calorie swap for queso dip that's... VEGAN?! It's true! Nacho Mom's Vegan Queso  is really good and has just 10 fat-free calories per serving... and only 160 calories IN THE WHOLE JAR. We don't know how they did it, but we're glad they did!...We can't believe it's not queso!"

-Unsolicited Testimonial From Celebrity Food Writer, TV Cooking Show Host, & Best Selling Cookbook  Author: Lisa Lillian (Hungry Girl cookbook series,  & "Hungry Girl" on The Food Network)


The sensation that started it all...Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso was the first healthy (and vegan!) queso to hit supermarket shelves...and it became an instant overnight success. and then the world cried out for more... we took everything you loved about our original version, added a kick more heat and a kiss of smoky flavor from chunks of fire roasted tomatoes and roasted chipotles and used  gluten-free flour so it's 100% allergen-free!

...and then we ran with scissors and created something completely different...
Unable to find a truly creamy all-natural bean dip, we created the first black bean dip/queso fusion...And so many tasters called it "wicked good"  that it was labeled Voodoo Queso...a jar of black (bean) magic with the perfect blend of spices and chunks of fresh diced tomatoes and fire roasted green chiles.

Whether heated & served on a chip, stuffed in a burrito or enchilada, or combined together for a layered dip, our line of vegan quesos are so good you may wind up eating em cold, outta the jar, with a spoon...

...We wont' judge.

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